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Join us on our wellness journey, learn with us as we try our hand at gardening and laugh along with all of our other experiences on this small piece of our family's land....
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Our Journey on this Small Piece of Land....
Join my family as we turn this rual half acre into a self-sufficient family farm or at least as self-sufficient as we can.  We will learn the things that work and those that go wrong as we explore life here on our own little piece of paradise.
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  1. Did you find it?  Do you know what is missing?  For those of you that have been following along, you will notice that my blog has been silent for a few weeks....  These blog posts jump from Week 18 to week 24 and let me tell you what happened. I had a great habit of reading my Og Mandino scrolls, I read my blueprint builder, stated my affirmations.  I was doing my stuff...and then it happened.  Life pulled me one direction and then another, The Gal in the Glass was the first to go.  Then the
  2. So I have been on this journey for weeks, months really.  The information has been invaluable.  We have been reading "The Greatest Salesman in the World" by Og Mandino.  No, we aren't learning about selling something, we learned about selling someone - ourselves to ourselves.  We have been reading the scrolls, learning the lessons and doing the sit not to sell stuff to other people but to sell our future selves to ourselves.  If we cannot sell the person we want to become to our own
  3. The hero's journey...we are all on one.  It is what makes up our life story.  The question is where in the journey are you?  Many people hear the heralds call to the journey and yet they never answer the call.  They are stuck in their current life, doing the same thing over and over again and yet nothing changes.  Each year making a resolution to change a behavior or they way they live their life.  And yet it is right about now that those resolutions begin to lose their momentum.  We begin to
  4. We told you that things were changing in 2019.  That we were going to be doing some new things in the coming months of 2019.  We warned you.  This blog post is also a warning.  For those of you that know us, that were a part of our lives and are now lost.  We are looking for you.  You were not forgotten.  You each were a part of our lives for a reason.  When it became to hard to cope with the struggles from Robert's illness,  when we let each of you drift away, it wasn't something you did or